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Set aside with satisfaction the Special Edition of last September, we are back at work for the next edition of the Acoustic Guitar Village, Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival, 24-26 September 2021!

16 November 2020
Alessio Ambrosi

Dear friends,

The Special Edition of Cremona Musica had its final curtain for this 2020; the Acoustic Guitar Village keeps being an unmissable event for artists and fans of stringed acoustic instruments, both plectrum and plucked.
We had to give up on the traditional exhibition area inside Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival, but on September, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, the Acoustic Guitar Village has taken place nevertheless in the historic centre of Cremona. They were two truly special days of Cremona Musica: the whole city experienced music in every corner of its most prestigious places, confirming itself once again as the capital of the lutherie and the high-quality instruments in the world.
As always, the Acoustic Guitar Village played a lead role, with two days of continuous performances on stage in the beautiful Federico II courtyard, in front of Piazza del Duomo. Every day, from 5 pm to midnight, classical guitars, modern acoustics, mandolins and other stringed instruments interacted with no pauses with accordions, bagpipes and percussions. That brought to life musical experiences of the highest level, enhanced by the beautiful acoustics of the place and by the skill of the sound engineers. With quick and punctual stage changes, they have once again given an example of great professionalism – no wonder why such a winning team has not changed since Sarzana!
The musicians, the audience and the partners responded with great enthusiasm, and we thank everyone for their support and collaboration.

Therefore, even in these days of forced isolation, we keep going on with the organizational and promotional work for the next edition of the AGV, scheduled within Cremona Musica from 24th to 26th September 2021.

Thanks to the perseverance and the dedication of professionals and artists, the sector endures, but there is still a lot to do and to live up to. To relaunch the market we need opportunities to meet and compare, that at the same time will allow us to have fun and enjoy together the magical sound of acoustic strings.
For events with a wide international spectrum like ours, the lack of confrontation with foreign producers and performers begins to be felt, and we cannot wait for this emergency to end.  We hope everything will be back to normal for next September!

We renew our closeness, admiration and invitation to luthiers and international companies, inviting them to hold on in this difficult period. On our part, we will make everything that is necessary to organise a beautiful and profitable event in September 2021, which will be an opportunity for satisfaction and rebirth for all.

As already announced, the whole program scheduled for 2020 is confirmed for 2021: luthier masterclasses with the master luthiers John MonteleoneEnrico Bottelli and Lorenzo Lippi, didactic masterclasses with guitarists Ed Gerhard and Francesco Buzzurro, and the event “Cremona Mandolini in Mostra “, with historical exhibition, masterclass, performances by mandolin ensemble directed by Maestro Carlo Aonzo. Other unmissable events will be:  8th Italian Bluegrass Meeting, “Corde & Voci d’Autore”, “New Sounds of Acoustic Music” competition, 4th conference “The guitar between ‘800 and ‘900“. Thanks to the collaboration with the organization “Vintage Authority” there will also be a special exhibition, that will once again let plectrum and plucked instruments be the absolute protagonists.
Given this year’s success, other events will also take place in the historic centre of Cremona.

In the next few days it will be possible to start booking the exhibition spaces within the Acoustic Guitar Village area, pavilion 1 of the Cremona Fair.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet and relaunch our sector in Cremona, the capital of high craftsmanship instruments in the world.
We are waiting for you in September 2021, 24-25-26th!

Best wishes and stay tuned,

Staff at Acoustic Guitar Village
Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival
Ass. Cult. “Armadillo” APS, Sarzana Italy

Tel/fax: +39 0187 626993

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