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The Acoustic Guitar Village 2020 in Cremona Musica has to be postponed. There will be a Special Edition full of events on the planned days. Already at work to organize everything in view of September 2021

20 August 2020
Alessio Ambrosi

Dear Friends,

the board of directors of Fiera di Cremona has met for an extraordinary session in the light of the new decision of the Italian Government to extend until October 31st the state of emergency due to Covid-19. The Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Cremona have therefore imposed some further rules, and with deep sadness we have to tell you that the Cremona Musica and the Acoustic Guitar Village have to be postponed to 2021, September 24th-26th.

At this point the Acoustic Guitar Village must support these instructions. For 23 years, since 1998, neither in Sarzana or Cremona an edition of the event ever had to be canceled! But as you know these are such peculiar times, and even if we kept hoping and working to the last, we then had to give up, as most events all over the world did.

We totally understand the bitterness and annoyance of many, but we invite you to think about how much this news hurted us as well – who have tirelessly worked on the organization for almost a year!

We can already tell you for sure that the entire program scheduled for this 2020 edition is confirmed for 2021, September 24th-26th. We will create a great edition that will show the great desire and passion from both professionals and the public!


We are working on a live event in Cremona historical centre that will take place on the same weekend as for the AGV, as well as on the creation of digital platforms for the exhibition of the instruments.

Here are the specifics directly from the official communication of the Cremona Musica Management:

the need of giving voice to the sector and the awareness of the central role played by Cremona Musica have encouraged us to work hard to organize the Exhibition also, and in particular, in this difficult moment.
However, the general situation caused by the health emergency at international level does not enable us to hold an Exhibition that can surely be a successful exhibit and business experience, as the Cremonese appointment has always been. We feel therefore obliged to cancel 2020 Exhibition, at least in its traditional format.

Cremona Musica is the global reference point for high-quality musical instruments. For this reason, we had the responsibility of performing our central role also, and in particular, in such a difficult year. Hoping that the general health situation would soon improve, we have carried on the organization of the Exhibition. In fact, it seemed possible to perform it regularly, even with the adoption of necessary preventive measures.
Cremona Musica has always been a positive and rewarding experience, combining art, culture and international business in an enjoyable visit of our exhibit halls and event rooms. This said, in view of current developments of the international scenario, it is not reasonable to rely on the traditional format to offer an exhibition that could be as effective and successful as it has always been.

We will be in touch again soon with more information about both the digital platforms and the AGV program inside the Special Edition 2020, as well as the work in progress for the 2021 edition.

Best regards and stay safe!

Staff at Acoustic Guitar Village
Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival
Ass. Cult. “Armadillo” APS, Sarzana Italy

Tel/fax: +39 0187 626993


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