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The road leading to the 2021 edition of the ACOUSTIC GUITAR VILLAGE within Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival has been taken, and the organizational work has finally begun. Precisely, the event will be held at the Cremona Fair in September 2021, 24-25-26th.

3 Febbraio 2021
Alessio Ambrosi

There is a great desire for a return to normality, as well as for opportunities to meet and for a relaunch of the economy related to the market of musical instruments – string instruments in particular. In these months of forced isolation, guitars and musicians have certainly faced an enormous suffering, even if the hope is that they have not remained completely silent … on the contrary, we hope they have been practicing with passion to be ready for a restart that, we are sure, will have a great impact.
We will be ready; the path towards the presentation of a manifestation full of interesting news was on course already, the work and the contacts for September 2021 are all settled! “Vicolo dei Liutai” and the area dedicated to companies are ready to welcome exhibitors who are invited to contact us to find the best solutions and positioning.

The cultural and entertainment part of the event is also under construction, with the confirmation of the lutherie and teaching Masterclasses – present the Masters John Monteleone, Lorenzo Lippi, Enrico Bottelli, Francesco Buzzuro, Ed Gerhard – the Historical Exhibitions curated by the Master luthier Leonardo Petrucci, “Cremona Mandolini in Mostra” with the direction of master Carlo Aonzo, the 8th “Italian Bluegrass Meeting” coordinated by Danilo Cartia, “Corde & Voci d’Autore” coordinated by Andrea Tarquini, as well as all the other shows and exhibitions that will take place on the four stages inside and outside the AGV.
There will also be a special area dedicated to collections of vintage instruments in collaboration with the Vintage Authority organization.

Winter and spring will also be dedicated to the selections for “New Sounds of Acoustic Music”, the competition dedicated to the emerging musicians. It’s an historic appointment since the days in Sarzana, and it has launched many acoustic guitarists now well established and in full swing.
The final of the 2021 competition will be held inside the ACOUSTIC GUITAR VILLAGE in Cremona Musica and will take place precisely on September Friday 24th on Live Stage 2, an external stage adjacent to the AGV pavilion. There will be a performance of 4 solo guitarists, 6 songwriters-guitarists and 2 acoustic bands, for a total of 12 performances. One winner will be awarded in each section.

The competition includes a pre-selection during the year. The materials for the selection must be sent:
– for the section dedicated to solo guitarists and acoustic bands, send to the Ass. Cult. Armadillo Club ( and at (
– for the songwriters-guitarists section, send to Andrea Tarquini ( The winner of this section, in addition to the award, will also perform within “Corde & Voci d’Autore”, the review that always takes place on Live Stage 2 on September Sunday 26th.

By May 30th those who intend to participate in the selection must send their names, a short biography, and the recordings of the 3 pieces to be proposed. Please send the material only to one of the aforementioned adresses.
At the end of June, interested parties will be notified of the successful completion of the selection and participation in the Competition.


On Live Stage 2, external stage adjacent to the AGV pavilion inside the Cremona Fair, from 11am to 6pm, 12 sets of young emerging artists will play (solo guitarists, songwriters-guitarists, acoustic bands). The maximum age is 35, and each participant will present 3 songs. In the second round will be the time for acoustic ensembles and bands. There must be an acoustic guitar and, if necessary, percussions – no drums.

The pieces presented must have these characteristics: either unpublished or original adaptations of any other musical piece. The length of the pieces must be limited to a maximum of 4 minutes each. It is possible to use acoustic guitars with metal strings or with nylon strings, but the style of the songs must be clearly modern and not classical.

An authoritative jury, chosen among the most representative members of the world of acoustic guitar and music journalism, with the presence of international artists and luthiers present at the event, will award the best performances in each section.
The prizes are provided by the companies Acus-Sound Engineering, Taylor Guitars, Transeuropoa Recording Studio of Turin, Ri-Belle Accessories and other partners of the event. They are all are high quality tools and accessories.
The first classified in each of the three sections, in addition to the prizes, will be guest in the next edition of the Acoustic Guitar Village and will participate in other guitar events organized by the Armadillo Club. A series of other awards and mentions will be given to all participants, who will also have the opportunity to perform in a context that will include the presence of numerous journalists and industry professionals. A great international artist will be special guest and “tutor” of the participants, and will also be part og the jury.
The 2021 edition will also be included in the call of Istituto Nuovo IMAIE for the promotion of award-winning artists. If the competition “New Sounds of Acoustic Music” will be accepted in the call, the winners will be further promoted by the Istituto Nuovo IMAIE circuit and will participate in other events related to it.

On the occasion of the competition, there will be a moment to remember Eng. Ferdinando Canale, founder of Acus-sound Engineering, recently passed away and never forgotten.

Good work!


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